VI th International industry conference

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September 20-21, 2018
Belarus, Minsk

International industry conference «OIL PRODUCTS AND GAS MARKET OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS: PRODUCTION, TRADING AND RETAIL» is the largest industry-specific forum in the Republic of Belarus where participants discuss major tendencies of energy sources market, prospects of Belarusian oil and gas processing, petroleum products and liquefied gas products trading, as well as technical and marketing innovations in the sphere of filling stations and oil storage facilities.

This conference is organized by the major companies of oil industry of the Republic of Belarus represented by Belorusneft and Belarusian Oil Company and supported by Belarusian refineries (Mozyr refinery and Naftan).

Topics of discussion:
-  state and tendencies of energy sources market;
-  state and prospects of oil and gas processing modernization;
-  tendencies and prospects of export flows of oil products and gas;
-  transport flows and logistics of petroleum products delivery;
-  modern technologies in the sphere of filling stations and petroleum storage facilities;
-  innovations in design and accompanying business at filling stations.

Meetings with the participants and discussions will be attended by:
-  directors and top-managers of the organizing companies and their sales departments;
-  representatives of the state authorities;
-  directors and top-managers of oil refineries;
-  leading oil traders;
-  analytics and key experts;
-  directors of companies operating in the retail market of oil products.

During the second day of the conference are planned technical visits for the conference participants.

Languages of the conference: Russian and English.

Contact person in Belorusneft:
Ilya Olievski

Tel.: +375 232 79 33 47
 +375 29 770 22 62