About us

Company Beloil Poland Sp. z o.o.  started operations in February 2011.

The aim of creating Beloil Poland Sp. o.o. is the wholesale trade in petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas on the Polish market and the organization of the transit of goods through the territory of Polish and delivering them to other EU countries. Our aim is to establish close relations with the largest trade companies and major independent operators to trade in petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas in Poland.

Beloil Poland Sp. o.o.  is a link between Polish consumers of petroleum products and Belarusian refineries.

Beloil Poland Sp. o.o. mainly sells diesel oil production OAO “Refinery Mozyrska” and OAO “Naftan” with a sulfur content up to 10 ppm, which corresponds to the European standard EN-590 and liquid gas production of OAO “Refinery Mozyrska” and RUP “Unification Production” Belorusneft – (Belarusian Processing Plant gas in Rzeczyca).

Basic countries of diesel sales – Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Hungary.

Petroleum products are supplied both by road directly to the owners of small petrol stations and railway transport (wholesale) – for large consumers of petroleum products in Poland and other EU countries and to the nearest storage depots OLPP located in the eastern part of the Polish (Narewka, Emilianów, Małaszewicze, Will Rzędzińska and Kolushki), which then sell them to Polish wholesalers.