Electronic Fuel Cards

Beloil Polska Sp. z o o offers companies engaged in international transportation, services for the implementation of electronic fuel cards, allowing to purchase fuel for refueling vehicles at filling stations on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Using electronic fuel cards, you get:

the ability to refuel in the largest in the Republic of Belarus a network of gas stations (more than 500 petrol stations and more than 65% of their total number in the Republic of Belarus);
flexible corporate discount system, including a reduction in the cost of each liter of oil at a certain level of consumption;
full and constant control over the spending of your company by controlling daily and monthly limits, fuels, goods or services;
the ability to quickly view the balance of funds on your personal account with a special service “gas stations info – Remains”;
high and reliable level of protection for the electronic card thanks to a special password (PIN) known only to the card holder;
increase your personal safety of drivers due to the absence of cash turnover;
accelerate the process of refueling through a self-service mode;
quality assurance prescription petroleum products and high service.

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or tel. +48 723 434 334